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Sonny Munroe & Chad Dylan Cooper from SWAC
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Welcome to the LJ community for Sonny/Chad shippers from Disney show "Sonny With A Chance". If you're a fan of the show and of S/C, this is the place for you. Feel free to post fics, arts, discussions, videos, etc. about this couple!
1) All your posts need to be about Sonny and/or Chad in some way. Posts about Demi and Sterling are fine also. This is a PRO Sonny/Chad community, so no bashing of the couple, characters or actors will be tolerated.

2) Remember to post spoilers ONLY behind a cut. Big images and fanfictions also need to be behind a cut. The plot of an episode is a spoiler until a couple of days after it's aired on the Disney Channel.

2) When posting a fic, please remember to include the rating. All ratings are allowed (G, PG, PG13, R, NC17), but you need to put a warning if it's an adult fanfic.

3) Tag your posts! That means, if you're posting fic, to choose the tag with the appropriate rating (for example, fanfic:pg13) and your name (author:yourname). If you're posting fic for the first time, there won't be a tag with your name, so don't worry about it; we will add it after you post and you will use it the following time.

4) Before posting something, check to see if it's already been posted. You can see the community tags here.

5) You can post suggestions, complains, etc about the community here.

6) Ask a mod's permission before promoting your own community, it's only polite ;)
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